We've been having fun making candy for 36 years!------------Happy Spring 2021!!
We've been having fun making candy for 36 years!------------Happy Spring 2021!!
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"Someone gifted me with your Cream of the Caramel bars (2) and they were so reminiscent of superb home-made candies of my childhood years it made me want to tell you that they are grand!" Norman A. Boothbay Harbor, Maine

"We were given a box of your candy as a gift and after eating part of it, I just had to write and tell you how delicious it is." Joanne M. Auburn, Washington

"I knew I was in trouble just reading the name Almond Buttercrisp. Then I ate one= Oh boy!! Did my taste buds sit up and say m-m-m- GOOD!! It is delicious candy!!" Billielou L. Laurel, Montana

"My favorite product is the almond buttercrisps. They remind me of chocolates my grandma and mom used to make me when I was in grade school. You can tell Martinson's takes pride in their work when you bite into the first chunk of chocolate. Talk about melting in your mouth!!! " Jenn, Thermopolis, Wyoming

"The Cream of the Carmels bar is to die for!!!" Kelvin, Billings, Montana.

"I received your candy as a gift & was very impressed." Donna O., Anaconda, Montana

"I have never tasted such good candy." Mrs. H. Scotia, New York

"Prairie Peppermint Caramels take me back to the good old days when my grandma churned her own butter to make caramels for the kids. But these are even better (just don't tell my grandmother!)!" Candi, Billings, Montana

"My whole office loved it." Camilla B. Washington, D.C.

"The almond buttercrisps I received from my faithful and genius friend Jennifer were outstanding. The bad news is that they were so good, I ate them all within a 24 hour period. Please send me more because my mouth is watering at the pure thought of them. " Lisa, Upstate New York