Having fun making candy for 35 years!-------------------
Having fun making candy for 35 years!-------------------
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Welcome to Martinson's Ranch Chocolates

Montana Candy, Montana  Chocolates, Montana Made Caramels, Brittle, Dark Chocolate Caramels  and More!!

We thank you for sharing our Montana made chocolates, candy and caramel with your family & friends.  We are thinking of you and hoping you are safe and healthy.  We're here for you, and are happy to send orders to friends, loved ones, and yourself. 

We try our hardest at Martinson's to make the best tasting candy made in Montana, and we're here to help in any way we can with mail order, retail and fundraisers.   Remember, we will automatically include a free Cream of the Caramel Candy Bar, with merchandise orders of $41.50 or more, per recipient.  Ship charges are separate.

— All the Best to You & Yours!

— And May All The Sweet Things of Life, Be In Yours —


Wynn & Joanne
Chocolate Makers In Montana

Having Fun, Making Montana Candy For 35 Years!


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"Where Old Time Flavor Meets New Time Taste"